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Abedeen Academy (Abedeen) is a private international Islamic school in Malaysia that consists of three different schools which are Abedeen International School, Abedeen Primary School and Abedeen Secondary School. Abedeen, an Islamic international school is strategically located in Putrajaya-Cyberjaya, Selangor, with the best Islamic school facilities and world class environment for both primary and secondary school students.


Assalamualaikum wrt

In ancient civilization, the first day of the spring is celebrated to mark the coming of the new year. Chinese New Year for example starts on the 1st day of spring. The same goes with the Persian Calendar where not only Iran but former Soviet Muslim countries celebrate their new year with the coming of spring.

However, today we are at Abedeen to celebrate its First Bloom, not only to mark the 1st year of Abedeen, but it also means there will be more springs in Abedeen throughout the coming years.

Alhamdulillah in less than 11 months, we have seen a lot of improvements and achievements in our students. They learned to learn, they learned to work hard with discipline. They gained knowledge and behold the success criteria. They also learned that real success is not about achieving immediate gratification, but real success is in themselves and will sustain if they go the distance.

On Abedeen’s First Bloom, we also see our first graduate, Muhammad Sa’ddiq Shorbaini being offered to further his studies in the London South Bank University Foundation Programme. In just 9 months at Abedeen, Muhammad Sa’ddiq had improved a lot in all aspects and scored his IGCSE examination despite coming from the national curriculum before.


1-07, The Promenade,
Jalan GR 5/1 Garden Residensi, Cyber 3,
Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

03-8687 6999 (Option 2)